February 1, 1951 - The Year So Far

I can honestly say that the year so far has been a wonderful one.  We spent the New Year in London visiting such amazing attractions and historical sights. Here is just a small selection of what we got to see.

This is the front of the British Museum where we spent 2 days and it still wasn't nearly enough time to get through the 90 or so gigantic rooms.  This is both a heaven and a nightmare for those out there that love history.

This was within the British museum in the middle of one of the many galleries.  I wish that I could have taken a picture of every single artifact and taken that home to study each item further.

Fortnum & Mason, the Queen's Grocer.  It was like a grocery store and a department store rolled into one.  Beautiful chandeliers with teal and silver everywhere.  Definitely didn't feel like the market down the street.

These are the gates across the street from Buckingham Palace.  The brass and cast iron work are truly spectacular.

The front of Buckingham Palace.  We were lucky enough to go around Christmas so all of the decorations were still up, including the lovely tree that was covering the front entrance to the courtyard.

Of course the guards were out front, however they were not wearing the red coats you have come to expect, I guess during the winter time they are allowed to wear medium blue wool coats, but the large hats are still present.

This is the fountain that stands in front of the Palace.  It was honestly so packed with people that it was almost impossible to get a good photo.  With that being said I don't think that I will ever travel during Christmas again.  I never thought so many people would travel to tourist destinations during the holidays.

Windsor Castle was next on the agenda.  This we got to go inside, no pictures allowed unfortunately but some of the things inside nearly blew my mind.  The main Christmas tree was at least two stories tall with ornaments the size of a large serving dish.  Also Henry the VIII's suit of armor and so much more.

This is the rear of the Castle, we just happened to catch the beginning of the procession for the changing of the guards.  There was a very rude man that was taking photos of himself with the guards as they were waiting for the gate to be relocked.  This is what modern society brings us disrespect for the sake of what people think is funny.

Onto the London Museum of Natural History, yet another museum that we spent an entire two days going through.  While there we had the opportunity to come face to face with Darwin's pet octopus and to see a squid that is one of the largest ever preserved.  I just love being in places like this. 

This is the main hall of the museum, we splurged on a membership and that got us in a few minutes before they opened to the public so we got to walk around with just the employees for some amazing pictures.  This museum fills up fast to where there is hardly a place to walk.

Another amazing photo of the geology gallery when it was completely empty.  Inside they had every type of gem you could think of and a few that you couldn't.  They had a rock that is older than the earth itself and one of the largest cut gems in the world.

This is the tomb of a night that is resting in Salisbury Cathedral.  One of the most impressive churches that I have ever seen.  The best condition version of the Magna Carta in existence is also housed here.  We have pictures of the outside of the cathedral but it was late in the evening and they didn't come out that well.

What is a trip to England without visiting the famous Stone Henge.  I have to say personally I thought it was a bit anti-climactic especially they have officially disproven pretty much everything they thought that they knew about it and are somewhat starting from scratch.

Lastly, just thought that I would give you a sneak peak of the road that we stayed on.  Just a block from Earls Court.  The hotel is in the extreme right of the picture.  They are set up like row homes, our hotel occupied two spaces and I won't share the name because to be honest I wouldn't recommend staying there.

We saw and did so many other things that it would take me all day to list them all here.  We had a drink at a pub that was over 200 years old, we popped Christmas Crackers under the National tree in Trafalgar Square, we saw a cemetery that is no bigger than my home that contains the bodies of over 50,000 people most of which were plague victims.  We saw a department store built from two old ships and we visited the recreation of the Globe Theater.  So many things and so much more.  I just wanted to give you a little taste.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a very happy new year.

Till Later!