November 15, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

I know it's not daily anymore but I just thought that I would post this adorable pattern that I found in the local newspaper for this morning it's for an apron, I would love to have this one.  I'm not a wonderful self drafter so I don't think I could ever make this on my own but I would love to have this for baking season, especially with the little apple pockets.


November 11, 1950 - My Latest Project

I have been spending a little more time than normal on the internet.  I decided that for next year I am going to make it my goal to have enough fifties television and forties movies that I have something to watch every night.  This has taken me to the most wonderful site for those of us that are vintage freaks. is now my best friend, as well as youtube of course.  I am also reformatting all of my old radio programs by date instead of by show.  In doing this I am taking the focus a bit off of a specific year and that opens me up to so much more as far as entertainment is concerned.
I have been trying much harder to keep my focus centered but that is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when I have taken on being on the internet a little more at this time.  I have been putting less time and effort into my cooking and cleaning than should be a fifties housewife and in apology to my dear husband tonight I am making a stuffed roasted chicken with corn and a pumpkin bundt cake, his favorite.  I believe that I have almost everything that I will need for next years entertainment, all I have left to do is set up the month by month playlists so that I won't have to go on the computer that often at all.
Off I go to complete my cake and dinner.
Till Later!