My First Real Sewing Project

Now over the years I have made nearly a dozen skirts and one dress that was vintage inspired but not entirely vintage in truth.  Today is the first day that I am going to be trying to really get to sewing.  It is 8:25 in the morning as of right now and I am looking to get started around 9am and work on it until 1pm I wonder how much I can get done in 4 hours.
Not too long ago my husband asked me to stop buying patterns because I don't sew anything from them and I hung my head in shame at the fact that he was right, I haven't really sewn anything of value since I started collecting them.  So therefore I have decided to stop buying patterns and work with the one that I have (they range from new to the 40's but almost all of them can be used to create vintage looks.) and use them to create the wardrobe that I have spent the last few years dream and talking about.  I hope that you will all support and join me as I fumble and stumble my way through the creative sewing world.
The first pattern that I will be using:


Wishlist on Tumblr

Not too long ago I started a little bit of a wishlist (or even just products that I think are nifty) on the website tumblr.  I have been using my Saturday mornings to queue up a whole weeks work of posts and so far its been working great.
Check it out if you can find the time: