September 11, 1950 - Sewing Room Project

My husband and I have talked it over for a while now,  I need some place that I can go and sew without having to drag everything out every time the thought tickles my fancy.  We have a semi-finished basement and I think that would be the perfect place to put it.  There is plenty of room for shelving and a table to cut and sew on.  The floors are carpeted so I don't have to worry about the material getting dirty and I have been dreaming of my full vintage wardrobe for years, it's about time that it comes to fruition.

These are the before and after plans, pretty simple and we have all weekend to do it.

We are also going to paint the room to make it a little cheerier and we are going to put a couple of area rugs down to brighten it as well.  I want to stick to the color scheme of the rest of the house so the tones will all be brown and coconut white.  I can't wait to spend hours and hours sewing up not only my own clothes but some nice things for the hubby as well.
This however is all contingent on us both feeling better.  There is a bug or something going around causing us both to feel quite under the weather so lets see if we are better by Saturday morning.

Till Later!


September 1, 1950 - A New Month

I love the start of a new month it feels fresh and like a new beginning every time that calendar changes over.
Just a quick note before I get started on the daily chores, I updated the Pattern Collection page to include all of my new purchases.  I hate to say it but pattern collecting is a bit of an addiction for me.
Hope you all have a marvelous day.

Till Later!