May 31, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

 Pretty but I think I would wear a light blouse under this anyway because it seems like it would be weird to wear by itself.

a tatted tablecloth seems very time consuming.

May 31, 1950 - 50's Patterns

I know that I have talked over and over about how I want an all new vintage wardrobe but I have to say that I am a little lazy about getting around to making it.  I have a few skirts that I wear but no dresses and even though I have a couple of vintage inspired blouses, I don't actually have any real vintage blouses.  Part of this is because of my weight, I always think to myself, grading is such a long and hard process that I can't imagine doing it for one pattern let alone 20 and I also think, oh my will I look terrible in that.  However, since I am starting a reducing plan today I don't think that it will be such a problem anymore, just give me a year or so and I will be showing off some beautiful dresses to you right here in The 50's Project.
I just wanted to brag a little and share my 40s/50s & 40s/50s reprint collection here:

Till Later!


May 30, 1950 - Embarrassing Lengthily Absence

Dear Lovely Followers & Readers;
    I am just so embarrassed about my lengthily absence from my little diary.  To be completely candid about the situation I got thoroughly discouraged and gave up on my project for a couple of months.  I still kept up with reading a few other blogs and my love of vintage fashion was still there but my zest for living the life waned.
   Yesterday afternoon while sitting at work for the only day that I was present this week (I have an infection in my heart that doesn't seem to want to let up) I was reading an article on the internet about the vast amount of woman and men that are returning to this lifestyle in Europe.  There are whole communities that are working together to bring back all things fifties.  The surround themselves in the clothes, the music, the movies, ect. and have get togethers and dinner parties all completely period.  Although I know this is not my America this is Europe we are talking about it renewed my hope that at some point in my lifetime this will be a plausible reality and if I keep pushing for it in my own life and writing about all of the things that I love, perhaps someday I will find that same type of community right here in my own backyard.
   Back I go to my nights of listening to radio shows and afternoons at the "cinema" with all the old movies I can collect.  Back to my reading of the magazines of the time and the books that they all loved and back to my training to being the best housewife that I can be. 
   A couple of months ago I wrote a little somewhat parody of the 64 Arts of the Kama Sutra entitled The 46 Arts of Being a 50's Housewife and I have to say that I got a little flack from some reddit users over my opinion and I must say that this was one of the things that discouraged me from my happy lifestyle.  It took quite a long time to get over people telling me that my thoughts are insulting to woman kind.  To be honest, although it was meant just as an opinion, what I thought that the perfect 50's housewife embodied, I have to say that I stand by my 46 arts.
   I think that there is so much time wasted on trying to live your life in fast forward that there is nothing left of the Arts of the old-fashioned womanhood.  Sure there were those women that were upset and bored with the drudgery of their lives.  Of course there were men that were jerks and treated their women in an awful manner.  What they don't see for some reason is that those things still happen in today's world and as a side effect of the women being so determined that being what we were was the only problem in the world we created a whole new one where it is almost impossible for a woman to be a real housewife.  With all of our modern technology housework is a breeze but with women and men both working 40 hours a week and busy social lives to boot we are left with disorganized and disheveled people and homes with no hope of home being the haven that it once was.
I'm going to get off my soap box now and get back to my new real world.  I hope that everyone has a happy healthy day and has a chance to just sit back today and enjoy something like the sound of the breeze through the trees or the birds on the branches or even just 5 minutes to sit and read a good book.
Till Later!