November 15, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

I know it's not daily anymore but I just thought that I would post this adorable pattern that I found in the local newspaper for this morning it's for an apron, I would love to have this one.  I'm not a wonderful self drafter so I don't think I could ever make this on my own but I would love to have this for baking season, especially with the little apple pockets.


November 11, 1950 - My Latest Project

I have been spending a little more time than normal on the internet.  I decided that for next year I am going to make it my goal to have enough fifties television and forties movies that I have something to watch every night.  This has taken me to the most wonderful site for those of us that are vintage freaks. is now my best friend, as well as youtube of course.  I am also reformatting all of my old radio programs by date instead of by show.  In doing this I am taking the focus a bit off of a specific year and that opens me up to so much more as far as entertainment is concerned.
I have been trying much harder to keep my focus centered but that is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when I have taken on being on the internet a little more at this time.  I have been putting less time and effort into my cooking and cleaning than should be a fifties housewife and in apology to my dear husband tonight I am making a stuffed roasted chicken with corn and a pumpkin bundt cake, his favorite.  I believe that I have almost everything that I will need for next years entertainment, all I have left to do is set up the month by month playlists so that I won't have to go on the computer that often at all.
Off I go to complete my cake and dinner.
Till Later!


October 29, 1950 - Halloween Menu

Just thought that I would drop by and show you my menu for Halloween as well as share the recipe for Harvest cake, all of which I got out of the local [1950] newspaper.

Here is the suggested menu one of several that they offered up:

Out of this they gave you the recipe for Harvest cake which is:
Click to see larger image!
As far as the finger sandwiches I was going to try some pumpkin cream cheese and perhaps some seafood salad, all fall colors will be represented on the table.  I love simple menus for Friday nights as I do work outside the home part time. 
I'm not dressing up this year, however I have my traditional black and candy corn skirt that I love for Halloween.
Till Later!


September 11, 1950 - Sewing Room Project

My husband and I have talked it over for a while now,  I need some place that I can go and sew without having to drag everything out every time the thought tickles my fancy.  We have a semi-finished basement and I think that would be the perfect place to put it.  There is plenty of room for shelving and a table to cut and sew on.  The floors are carpeted so I don't have to worry about the material getting dirty and I have been dreaming of my full vintage wardrobe for years, it's about time that it comes to fruition.

These are the before and after plans, pretty simple and we have all weekend to do it.

We are also going to paint the room to make it a little cheerier and we are going to put a couple of area rugs down to brighten it as well.  I want to stick to the color scheme of the rest of the house so the tones will all be brown and coconut white.  I can't wait to spend hours and hours sewing up not only my own clothes but some nice things for the hubby as well.
This however is all contingent on us both feeling better.  There is a bug or something going around causing us both to feel quite under the weather so lets see if we are better by Saturday morning.

Till Later!


September 1, 1950 - A New Month

I love the start of a new month it feels fresh and like a new beginning every time that calendar changes over.
Just a quick note before I get started on the daily chores, I updated the Pattern Collection page to include all of my new purchases.  I hate to say it but pattern collecting is a bit of an addiction for me.
Hope you all have a marvelous day.

Till Later!


August 31, 1950 - Redoubling My Efforts

As I'm sure that you are all well aware, I am quite the fan of the fifties.  I will however be the first to admit that during the Summer my fifties resolve tends to fall apart.  Due to the good weather I spend more time outside the home in the modern world and it's harder and harder to stay in the world that I am happy with.
It is with my head very low that I admit watching the Simpsons marathon on FXX quite a few times in the last week or so, We have eaten fast food at least three times in the last two weeks.  I am so ashamed of myself lately, I know that I have to live my life the only way that I can, but I am just happier surrounded by my fifties things.  The time has come for me to settle back into my fifties life where my outside world is all of you.  Thank you for being there and for forgiving me.
Just thought that I would throw in today's dress selection.  It's slightly disappointing that I can't find this pattern but I have one that I think I can make this work.  It's too cute and the pockets look like hearts and I am a sucker for hearts.

Till Later!


July 28, 1950 - Fashion of the week!

Love this dress, not the hat, but the dress is gorgeous.

As long as this was  a black dress and the tartan was either pink or blue it would be nice.

A beautiful sporty outfit.  I can see a nice round of golf in this little number.


July 27, 1950 - My Summer Project

Well I have from today until mid September to complete what I am calling my Summer project, I should have started much sooner.  My plan is to take the book on the right from my large collection of Culinary Arts Institute books. 
My project is to make all of the recipes that I like out of this book which amounts to 145 recipes that means probably about 2 or 3 recipes a day.  Here is the list I'm working with.

  1. Gazpacho Soup p6
  2. Chilled Beet Soup p6
  3. Vichyssoise p7
  4. Chilled Tomato Bouillon p8
  5. Cherry Wine Soup p9
  6. Cherry-Orange Wine Soup p9
  7. Dried Fruit Soup p9
  8. Fresh Fruit Soup p9
  9. Caesar Salad p11
  10. Farmers Chop Suey p12
  11. Creamy Cabbage Slaw p12
  12. Sunshine Slaw p12
  13. Cabbage Slaw p12
  14. Fiesta Potato Salad p13
  15. Jellied Pineapple-Grape Salad p14
  16. Sunny California Salad p15
  17. Glamour Fruit Salad p16
  18. Moled Pear Ginger Salad p17
  19. Frozen Fruit Harmony p17
  20. Macaroni Salad p18
  21. Chef's Macaroni Salad p18
  22. Tuna Salad p19
  23. Chicken Salad p19
  24. Turkey Salad p19
  25. Salmon-Cucumber Salad p19
  26. Shrimp and Avocado Halves p20
  27. Seafood Stuffed Avocados p20
  28. Luscious Rock Lobster Salad p21
  29. Cold Meat Tray p23
  30. Ravigote Salad p23
  31. Tomato Ravigote Salad p23
  32. Celery Whirls with Bleu Cheese Stuffer p27
  33. Celery Whirls with Cheddar Cheese Stuffer p27
  34. Marinated Mushroom Caps p28
  35. Marinated Beets p28
  36. Marinated Cucumber Slices p28
  37. Cucumber Slices in Creamy Sweet and Sour Dressing p28
  38. Ham and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches p29
  39. Special Cheese Rolls p29
  40. Triple Ring Sandwiches p30
  41. Olive Roll-Ups p30
  42. Scalloped Chicken Tea Sandwiches p31
  43. Party Pinwheels p31
  44. olive Checkerboard p32
  45. perky butters p32
  46. Frosted Sandwich Treat p33
  47. shrimp salad in buns p36
  48. pineapple and chicken in buns p36
  49. Parmesean Fried Chicken p37
  50. Crackling Good Almond Fried Chicken p37
  51. Fried Chicken with Zippy Barbeque Sauce p37
  52. Breast of Chicken Enchantee p38
  53. Crab Meat Ramekins p39
  54. Perch Kabobs p40
  55. Vegetable Kabobs p40
  56. Variety Kabobs p41
  57. Ham-Asparagus Roll Ups p42
  58. Cheese-Mushroom Caps p43
  59. Cheese-Frankfurters Casserole p43
  60. Lime Ice p46
  61. Lemon Ice p46
  62. Apricot Ice p46
  63. Orange Ice p46
  64. Raspberry Ice p46
  65. Lemon-Watermelon Ice p47
  66. Creamy Lemon Sherbet p48
  67. Creamy Lime Sherbet p48
  68. Grapefruit Sherbet p48
  69. Creamy Orange Sherbet p48
  70. Creamy Tangerine Sherbet p48
  71. Cherry Nut Ice Cream p48
  72. Vanilla Ice Cream Superbe p49
  73. Strawberry Ice Cream Superbe p49
  74. Fresh Peach Ice Cream Superbe p49
  75. Mint Parfait Superbe p49
  76. Strawberry Cream Ice Cream Pie p49
  77. Blackberry Parfait p50
  78. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Tortoni p50
  79. Chocolate Miracle Sauce p51
  80. Mint Sirop p51
  81. Butterscotch Sauce p51
  82. Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce p51
  83. Individual Baked Alaska p52
  84. Ice Cream Cake Roll p52
  85. Vanilla Cream Cake Roll p52
  86. Jelly Roll p53
  87. Whip Cream Cake Roll p53
  88. Chocolate Cream Cake Roll p53
  89. Cherry Cream Cake Roll p53
  90. Pineapple Cream Cake Roll p53
  91. Creamy Vanilla Filling p53
  92. Creamy Chocolate Filling p53
  93. Creamy Cherry Filling p53
  94. Pineapple Cream Filling p53
  95. Almond Chocolate Refridgerator Cake p54
  96. Strawberry Shortcake Supreme p54
  97. Peach Shortcake Supreme p55
  98. Banana Orange Shortcake p55
  99. Pastry for 1 crust p55
  100. Graham Cracker Crust p55
  101. Chocolate Chiffon Pie p56
  102. Lime Chiffon Pie p56
  103. Lemon Chiffon Pie p57
  104. Orange Marlow Refridgerator Pie p57
  105. Soft Custard p57
  106. Floating Island p57
  107. Pineapple Macaroon Cream p58
  108. Lime Chiffon Cantalope Cups p59
  109. Iced Tea with Fruit Kabobs p61
  110. Spicy Iced Tea p61
  111. Lemonade Delight p61
  112. Limeade p62
  113. Orangeade p62
  114. Cherry Frappe p62
  115. South Sea Nectar p62
  116. Apricot Coconut Nectar p62
  117. Orange Coconut Nectar p63
  118. Grape Sparkle p63
  119. Pineapple Sparkle p63
  120. Chocolate Sparkle p63
  121. Orange Sparkle p63
  122. Strawberry Punch p63
  123. Tangerine Punch p64
  124. Icy Peach-Plum Whirl p64
  125. Mocha-Mint Drink p64
  126. Banana Chocolate Float p65
  127. Chocolate Mint Float p65
  128. Iced Cocoa p65
  129. Iced Chocolate p65
  130. Iced Honey Cocoa p65
  131. Chocolate Milk Shake p66
  132. Strawberry Milk Shake p66
  133. Raspberry Milk Shake p66
  134. Pineapple Milk Shake p66
  135. Banana Milk Shake p66
  136. Apricot Milk Shake p66
  137. Double Chocolate Milk Shake p66
  138. Malted Milk p66
  139. Peppermint Malted Milk p66
  140. Crackers n' Milk p66
  141. Homemade Strawberry Soda p67
  142. Homemade Pineapple Soda p67
  143. Homemade Peach Soda p67
  144. Black Cow p67
  145. Chocolate Sirup p67
    I will attempt to take pictures of each dish as it is made but I am not very good at keeping up with that so please don't hold me to it.  Thank you for sticking around through all of my long breaks. 
Till Later!


July 5, 1950 - Oh my nearly a month went by

I must honestly say that I cannot believe that it has been nearly a month since I have written here in my little blog.  Things have been somewhat hectic and July is always a very busy month for me.  My husbands birthday, my birthday, our anniversary and my best friends birthday all fall in July plus the 4th of course.  This makes for a lot of shopping and a lot of grilling and spending time outdoors which I must admit isn't always my favorite place to me even though I think that the summer is the best time of year. (Next to Christmas of course)
I unfortunately didn't get to see any fireworks this year, my town doesn't really do the 4th of July very well.  They set off fireworks on the bad side of town in a tiny stadium that can hold maybe 3 or 4 thousand people in a city with the population of about 40 thousand.  So cramped and crowed with undesirable elements that I wouldn't step foot there.  My old home town does it better but that is still 30 miles away and I didn't want to drag the hubby out.
Lately I have been doing the low carb thing so vintage recipes haven't been thought of, but starting today I am going to be looking into reworking some of my favorites so that they are low carb friendly.  I thought that this was the best and easiest way to go so that I can fit into all of those beautiful dresses that I love so very much. 
There is honestly not a lot more to say then that but I will try to blog a little more this week, have a good one. 
Till Later!

June 7, 1950 - My Favorite Husband, Slovenly Men of the 50's

I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows while I was folding the laundry yesterday, My Favorite Husband.  It was a 1950 radio show starring Lucille Ball, and was basically I Love Lucy with different names, she had a best friend that she got into trouble with and all.
Yesterday's episode was about her husband never cleaning up after himself and I never really thought about it but in 1950 there is a big difference in what people considered to be a slob.  Now she was making a description of her husband and said that he was sitting there with his shirt collar undone and the sleeves rolled up with his shoes off and she was afraid that if anyone came over they were going to see him looking like a slob.  Other than when he is at work, how often do you see a man in anything but T-Shirts and jeans.  I don't stand over my husband and dictate what he wears, I try to have an opinion but he buys T-Shirts in bulk, I swear.  To get him to dress nicely outside of work is like pulling teeth and I think that most men are like that.  It's not quite as bad as so many of the women that I see now that go out daily in their pajamas but still I would give anything to live in a society where people cared about what they looked like at all times and not just when they had to.  I understand comfort is important but there are plenty of clothes out there that look nice and are made of soft cotton and really if there isn't you can make some easily enough.  Anyone can sew if you just take a few days to learn.  It is a skill that you can carry with you for the rest of your life and you can make clothes in any style that you want.
That is how you get a 50's style wardrobe.  It would be far too expensive to go out and buy original clothes from the fifties, if you could find pieces that were still well put together with no holes or stains and in your perfect size seeing as so many pieces of clothing back then were tailor made.  You then have to deal with the enormous price tag.  I found one authentic dress once that would fit me and even that was on the cusp of the fifties and the sixties which is a little late in the style for me.  That particular article even with a small stain on the hem was $130.  Why buy that when I can make a very similar dress with 50's look material for a mere $60 at the top of the scale that is tailor made to fit me and will last a good 10 years before any mending will need to be done, as long and I can keep it clean.
As I have said before, I am proud to be a woman, I take joy in looking like a put together woman.  I get compliments nearly everyday on how classy and pretty I look with my pearls and subtle make-up.  This is something that never takes me more than 15 - 20 minutes a day and there is not too much of a difference in comfort between what I wear during the day and the night gowns that I wear to sleep at night.  In fact I think that women forget how comfortable and free a nice dress can make you feel.  I'll be the first person to tell you that when you go out dressed vintage you can get some stares but they have never been negative.  More people are more surprised that I look normal.  I do not have a bunch of tattoos and I have blonde hair so I don't look like your typical Rockabilly girl, I have no interest in being a Betty Paige look a like.  I just want to be the best 50's housewife that I can be.
Here I go stepping down off of my soapbox and going back to happier subjects.  Yesterday I made a delicious chicken meal called creamed mushroom chicken. 

Creamed Mushroom Chicken
250 Ways to Make Poultry and Game Birds
My Version feeds 2:
1 large boneless chicken breast
1/4 cup of milk
1/2 cup of flour
salt & pepper
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup of condensed milk
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
2 slices toast

1. Cut the chicken breast into pieces of around 1" - 1 1/2"
2. Heat some fat (I use leftover bacon grease, yummy!)
3. Preheat the oven to 350
4. Dip the chicken in the milk and coat with a mixture of flour salt and pepper
5. Brown the chicken on both sides, it doesn't need  to be fully cooked just most of the way done.
6. Put 1/4 cup water in the bottom of a casserole dish.
7. Put in browned chicken and place in the over for about 15 - 20 mins
8. Take out and add the the condensed milk and cream of mushroom soup, stir and coat the chicken until slightly smooth, it doesn't have to be perfect.
9. Put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.
10. Serve over toast.

I served this with pickled beets and mixed vegetables for a really delightful and easily re-heatable dinner after a long days work.

Till Later!


June 6, 1950 - They Did Projects Like This in the 50's Too

I have happily lived in my fifties world for about 3 years now, sometimes more so than others and I have seen a few people that share in the same vision of a happy life that I have.  This morning when looking through today's paper about a man that was obsessed with the French 18th Century, adopting as much into his life as he could.  I suppose that in every generation no matter when you live there are those of us who just feel like we don't belong in the time that we are in.  For me it is the fifties who knows where there are other communities of people that live their lives in another decade or even century, and not for some television show but because it's what they love.
I have heard of a girl that with the exception of facebook and shopping she lives full time in the 1890's and there was an older woman that I read an article about that lives out in the woods exclusively in the 1830's and has for over 30 years.  These women both live alone which is why I believe that it is easier for them to live the life they lead.  Again, although he is wonderful and makes many concessions for my obsession, my husband would not live the 50's life full time with me.  However, he has agreed to wear a couple of 50's shirts if I made them for him so somewhere down the road, when I get closer to the wardrobe that I want, I will make him a few cute shirts to add to his wardrobe.
Just for fun here are the photos of the home of the man that was addicted to 18th century France.


June 3, 1950 - A Collection of adds from yesterdays Newspaper

There is no edition available for todays newspaper so I thought that I would share a few adds from yesterday's paper.  Everyone loves a picture laden post after all.

 Nonfat Dry Milk called Starlac made by Borden.
 An add for a store that caters to full figured women, although the women in the photo doesn't seem very full figured to me, seems things haven't changed too much.
 Time for backyard barbeques and Coca-Cola.
 I always love adds that include the price.  If your wondering the equivalent of today's money a general rule of thumb is around $1 - $9.50.
This gem was taken from the sports section so you can tell their target demographic.

Lastly, an add for every childs favorite drink, Kool-Aid.  Food is the one thing that hasn't inflated quite as quickly as everything else, it's catching up but you can still usually find a packet of Kool-Aid for about $0.30.


June 2, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

 Now I think this is just darling, I just don't think you could get away with dressing your little one in it today without getting some funny looks, although a little girl in pink gingham with yellow and green flowers would be just the cutest.

Not a fan of parrots in real life and I think that they are a little tacky in household furnishing but to each their own.


June 1, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

I have to say, today's pattern is very plain Jane, I think that if you had enough experience in doing so you may even be able to self draft this little number.

However the Household Arts pattern is just the cutest thing.  I am a sucker for a good cross stitch sampler and for someone that doesn't have any children it's nice to see one that isn't either about a baby or religion.


May 31, 1950 - The Daily Pattern

 Pretty but I think I would wear a light blouse under this anyway because it seems like it would be weird to wear by itself.

a tatted tablecloth seems very time consuming.

May 31, 1950 - 50's Patterns

I know that I have talked over and over about how I want an all new vintage wardrobe but I have to say that I am a little lazy about getting around to making it.  I have a few skirts that I wear but no dresses and even though I have a couple of vintage inspired blouses, I don't actually have any real vintage blouses.  Part of this is because of my weight, I always think to myself, grading is such a long and hard process that I can't imagine doing it for one pattern let alone 20 and I also think, oh my will I look terrible in that.  However, since I am starting a reducing plan today I don't think that it will be such a problem anymore, just give me a year or so and I will be showing off some beautiful dresses to you right here in The 50's Project.
I just wanted to brag a little and share my 40s/50s & 40s/50s reprint collection here:

Till Later!