December 28, 1949 - The Daily Pattern

 I've seen this pattern several times before, it's very pretty and I attempted to make something close to it for the fair two years ago. 
Have I ever mentioned before quite how much I love embroidery.  It personalizes anything that you want to just your own specifications.  I love flowers too and with my new style there are going to be plenty of flowers.  I think that I might make a jacket or two with these flowers embroidered on them.


December 27, 1949 - Merry Christmas to All!

   Oh what a holiday season it has been.  A lot of cooking and shopping and best of all spending time with my dear husband and our little furry boy.  I worked quite a bit but I am now off until the new year.  My vacation is going much faster than I would like for it too I might add.
   As for my presents, my husband was of course wonderful as always, getting me one of the things that I wanted most of all.  He bought me the Grace Radio Victoria. 
   It is modeled after an old radio and of course the best part is that it connects to an MP3 player in the back and I can listen to all of my old radio shows and music while having the graceful look of an old radio.  Now if I can only talk him into an old tv we'd be good to go.
   To mention all of the other things I received would be far too time consuming.  However, next year we have already discussed it and we are going to scale back gifts quite a ways.  We simply have nowhere to put anything anymore so we are instead going to buy four or five nicer presents for one another and go do something fun together instead.
   I might even try hand making some of the gifts next year.  I know that it is not the norm but I think that it would be a cute way to show him how much I love him that I spent so much time and effot on him to make him something wonderful. 
   Another decision that was made this year was that from now on the Christmas Eve gift giving tradition is going to be changed a little for next year.  We are going to start giving Christmas pajamas to one another on Christmas Eve so that we are festive.  I know that there are other families that do this and I just think it is adorable.
   Recently I have bought up a whole bunch of new patterns that would be ok for a retro look including some new retro patterns from Butterick.  I am going to take a new stab at the whole new wardrobe thing, this time I am however going to tackle my biggest obstacle and that is my husband.  He hates all retro clothing, he thinks that it makes women look amish and that is why I am going to use new patterns mixed with retro details so that we are both happy.  What is a true fifties marriage without the husband being happy.  Besides he is the one that has to look at me all day and if he isn't happy with what he sees I am not doing something right as a wife.
   Today we are going to be going out shopping for new shoes for the both of us and a few groceries but nothing major, we have tons of leftovers to get through.  Tonights dinner will probably be just that, leftovers.

Till Later!