Daily Pattern

 This is one of my favorite dresses that I have seen so far.  I love how the bottom is asymmetrical.  I also am surprised whenever I see a dress with long sleeves. Even winter dresses seem to be short sleeves it seems.
It honestly looks more like it should be rug than a blanket.  Don't really like it at all.


Daily Pattern


I know that this was in one of the autumn papers but somehow it seems as though it would make a beautiful summer dress.
 Not my favorite skirt but pretty.  I do like the big pockets.
Everybody loves a good old fashioned doily.


Daily Pattern

 I really like the embroidered initials on the shoulder.  I have always been keen on personalization.  I also like the collar.
I will never really know how they do those edges.  I'm just simply not that good.


Daily Pattern

Love this house dress!  I can just imagine this in a nice maroon or goldenrod.  The only thing that you have to watch is that you don't make it look like a waitress' uniform.


Daily Pattern . . . Well Sort Of

Every once in a while they don't have the daily pattern and instead have real fashion pictures or even a house plan which, I must admit I'm still waiting to see my home in it seeing as it was built in the fifties.


I love the one on the left and I have to ask, where do I find those shoes!


Daily Pattern

 A junior dress.  I love that in the older days girls wanted nothing more than to look mature and lovely like their mother, instead of the mothers wanting to look somewhat trampy like their teenage daughters.
I've never been a big knitter but I must say, can you ever really have enough gloves and scarves.


September 23, 1949 - Yesterday & Today's Patterns

Among other things, I will try to bring up the patterns everyday.  There seems to be quite a bit of interest in them and who and I to say that, that isn't the most wonderful thing.


 A little girls dress.  I think this is just darling.  I know that this is something that a little girl wouldn't like in the modern world, but I can tell you that if I ever have a little girl she will be wearing this to school I can tell you that.
 Cross stitch pattern,  I love cross stitch and from what I read of the directions they are only 5 stitches per inch so they wouldn't even take that long to make.  It's inspires me to work on my embroidery tonight which I think may just be in the cards.

This dress would be just perfect for the State Fair, there is a good chance that I will be trying this one next year for just that.
I have a set that looks very close to this.  I'm somewhat looking forward to the winter for just such occasions as it would be appropriate to sit a night listening to my radio show sewing away.  It is a little busy this month, our vacation, state fair and Roba Farms.
I've never really liked the shirts that have the little ties around the neck.  A scarf is nice but these strings I'm just not fond of and the hat looks more like a bonnet from little house on the prairie.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Till Later!


September 22, 1949 - Vacation Photos

I'm so sorry this took so long.  I do regret that I have not had time lately to write.  I will get back to it soon.  Here are some of the many, many pictures that I took while we were on vacation.




September 10, 1949 - Back From Vacation . . . and the patterns of course!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I just yesterday returned from a wonderful vacation with my hubby to the Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Honeymoon Capital of America Niagara Falls.  I will post some pictures really soon and boy did we take a lot.  I got the chance to use my 1940's hard shell luggage and they worked amazingly well and kept everything in such order.  I will be on the lookout for old souvenirs on the World Wide Garage sale, however I did find quite a few things that would have been around back then too, even a Niagara china plate to go up on the wall in the kitchen.
Hope that everyone has a great morning and I will talk to you all very soon.

Till Later!

Pattern of the Day!
 We are getting into the cooler weather so your going to be seeing more and more long sleeve dresses and such.  This is a cute dress.  Could you imagine this in a navy light weight wool with a faux fur black collar or even brown faux fur?
I have never been one that is into quilting but this is a sweet looking pattern.  Not the norm if you know what I mean.  Most quilts that I have seen seem to be either the double ring design or the triangles.  I like the idea of circles and squares together.  Its a great way to get a nice design and use all of your material.