June 25, 1950 - Farmers Market

Good Afternoon Friends,

Tomorrow I have a special treat coming my way.  My husband and I will be going to the Farmers Market near our home.  It is across between a flea market and a farmers market.  It is a wonderful place with some wonderful deals.  I am going to check to see if there are any fruits are in season.  I am also hoping to grab a nice homemade pie for after dinner.
I am going to to try and take my own pictures tomorrow but these two were already available.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Till Later!


June 21, 1950 - Just a Quick Hello!

Good Morning Friends,
   I just wanted to write up a quick hello.  I must admit that I really don't have to much to talk about today.  After months of searching I finally found the America's housekeeping book.  I have searched for it ever since I heard about it the first time and just knew that it could be the household bible that I was looking for.  It is a lot of information for anyone to take in, in one shot so I have only read the first two chapters so far.  I will let you know how it is going when I am a little further along.
   I have plenty of time for research this morning.  I am at work already, however I don't start for another three hours.  I brought my little portable porthole with me so that I have something to do while I am waiting, today I may just get through the entire newspaper.
  Everyone have a wonderful day, welcome to summer!

Till Later!


June 17, 1950 - New Patterns

   Good Morning Friends,

   I must admit that over the past few months I have gotten a slight obsession for vintage embroidery patterns.  Especially those that I can reasonably use in my home.  I just acquired my first three from Aunt Martha's.  Now I know that these are not technically vintage but I just couldn't resist them, they are however done in the vintage style.

   The first one is called Happy Homemaker and I thought they would just be lovely on dust clothes.  I know that your probably thinking that it's a lot of work to do for a dust rag, but really, how many dishtowels and pillowcases does a girl really need.  The second is an array of floral motifs.  I thought done in pink I can make a runner for the dresser, and a bed sheet set.  Lastly, my second set of dish towels will be made to match my kitchen beautifully with this set.  My kitchen is decorated with china dishes so as long as I stick to mainly blues I can do these up just nicely.  Then on top of that I think that I will use the Thursday pattern scaled down a bit to make some linen napkins to go on the table for special occasions.
   I love special occasions, I simply do not have the social life that affords me many.  Unlike some of the other women that I see taking part in an experiment such as mine, they have friends that are part of it.  I do not have any friends that are willing to even play along let alone be part of the fun.  The only person that really sees how wonderful this experiment makes life is my wonderful husband, whom is really growing accustom to my new attitudes.
   I suppose that it's time to make breakfast and get to work.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Till Later!


June 15, 1950 - A Cute Recipe and My Spare Time Project

Good Morning Friends,
   I just wanted to drop a line this morning while making breakfast and share with you a nice recipe that I found in this weeks life magazine.  Of course, like everyone else that is a fan of this time I am enamored with all of the thought that went into the advertising of the day.  Elsie the cow was the world famous mascot of Bordon milk and she brings you this lovely recipe for a chocolate candy.  I suppose it's like fudge, however, I haven't gotten around to trying it yet but I will let you know.

  The other thing that I am excited to share today is what I have been doing in those hours at night when I listen to my radio programs.  Not so long ago I purchased this Vogart embroidery pattern from that great flea market out there and recently I got to work on the very first one, a rose for Monday.  What a lovely gift this would have made to a new bride.  Too bad I don't know any knew vintage brides such as myself.  So I guess I'm just going to have to keep them for myself.
Here is the very first one all finished and laundered.  I know that it's a little filled with wrinkles but it came out beautifully for the first time that I have ever embroidered something.
I tried to give the pictures that Kodachrome-y look, since most of my pictures are in Black & White.

   I think, that's all I have to share for today, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I know that I will.  Have a good afternoon.

Till Later!


June 13, 1950 - Always Apologetic

Dear Friends,
   I hadn't realized that it had been so very long since my last post.  I have been so distracted lately with life that my life in the fifties had to be temporarily put on the back burner.  However, here I am back in good old 1950 and ready to plan the family vacation that I have been so looking forward to. 
    We will be heading out to Cooperstown, New York a little over three hour drive from our home first to visit the baseball hall of fame.  Yes, this is more for my husband than it is for me, however, I am certain that I will enjoy myself thoroughly as well.  It is right on top of Otsego Lake and I have heard that they have a beautiful restaurant there.  Somewhere nice that we can dress up and go out.
   Then a few days later we are off to Niagara Falls, New York another 4 hours down the road.  This is the part that I cannot wait for.  Both my grandparents and his grandparents went their on their honeymoon and I believe that there are pictures of them both taken in the same place.  This is one of the most romantic ideas that hubby has ever had, to have us take a picture in that same place, that is still there.  We will also be visiting the Cave of the Winds, that travels behind the falls and taking a ride on the maid of the mist.  As well as spending some time in Canada.  I just think it will be the most fun.
   On the home front I have worked on making a few thing that would make me feel a little more authentic to the times, including several skirts, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to make a dress yet.  I suppose I'm a little scared and even more so, I'm afraid that it will look terrible.  I keep telling myself, if I just lose a little more weight it will look better. 
  Well here is a photo so far of my spring and summer wardrobe.  From left to right is my pink capri pants that I wear in the back yard for gardening and doing the rough and tumble things that would not be nice in a pretty skirt.  Then next to that is a blue green skirt with green and pink flowers all over it, the material is so comfortable that I could sleep in it.  Next in line is a light blue background with a navy blue ivy design, very pretty with a white blouse.  Lastly, is a vibrant dark pink skirt with a blue and black authentic 1950's sequin butterfly gifted to me from my grandmother in law before she passed away.  You can't see the detail in the photo but there is a buzzing trail behind it.  I was told by many people that the poodle skirt was more often not a poodle so I thought a butterfly was pretty.  I may do another one like it in the future with a large flower or something to that effect. 

   I have the material to make many more skirts and I know that I will have enough to carry me through until I feel more comfortable in dresses.  By the way, yes I am aware that most dresses and skirts of the era did not have elastic waists, but, before even beginning I made sure that they did exist.  I have a winter skirt with a zipper and hook and eye and I love it.  It just took me three times as long.
I must also share my new obsession for Readers Digest.  I have spent the first half of this year getting the ones from 1950 one a month, just as they would have come.  This has not only been fun because they have been coming in the mail just as they would have back then, but they are some of the most varied and interesting stories that I have read from the era.  They are wonderfully informative and really put you into place.
This one in particular is sitting on my nightstand right now.
I have read articles on traveling to the forbidden area of Tibet and a new type of spandex sort of material that dries in three minutes and is almost completely flame resistant and of course there is almost always a story that will make you cry, this one was about surviving for a very long time on a life boat adrift at sea.
I recommend this as a wonderful way to get in touch with your fifties side.

Till Later!