April 3, 1950 - A Few New Aquisitions

I haven't gotten anything too crazy lately but I got a few things of interest.
 The hubby and I are going on vacation in September and I wanted to do it authentically so we are driving, packing lunches and taking an authentic (well home-made authentic) Triptik and I needed a template so this is it.  Now I live in Pennsylvania, not Michigan but I think that this will do for a template anyway.
 It's pretty obvious that not everything that I own is pink so I had to get a pair of black ones too.  These are super pretty and I think they are made from authentic fifties sunglasses, although they are new themselves.
I love coming up with new hobbies and this is as good as any.  I have a portrait sketchbook that I inherited from my grandmother in law that I haven't cracked open yet, but there is always room for a new one.

That's all for now.
Till Later!


April 2, 1950 - A New Little Challenge

I am a little obsessed with the idea of planning perfect meals.  I want to try all of the foods that were eaten back then and cook like a true fifties housewife and in doing so I would like to try and cook pure 1950's for (well for starters 1 month.)  I was going to say a year but I think that starting with a month would be a better idea.
I will be following the Culinary Arts Institute Menus for Everyday of the Year.
It's everything you would need to make out the menus for the rest of your year.  I also acquired another Culinary Arts Institute book called Lunch Box Cookbook.
This covers the lunches.  I must admit that it's going to be difficult getting used to all of that cabbage and anchovies.  Also I don't think that I've ever made anything with unflavored jello and beef broth and egg.  By the way, that's on tomorrow's menu.
I'll let you know how it all goes.  Wish me luck.
Till Later!