February 28, 1950 - My Morning Paper

I was reading my morning newspaper this morning (circa 1950 of course!) and I saw this add in it's pages.  This is a local item that is not available everywhere but they make some of the best pre-packaged cakes that are on the market.
Just thought that I would share this, the company went into bankruptcy a couple of years ago but managed to stay afloat however their prices have gone through the roof so we don't get them nearly as often as we used to.
I just love all of the old adds and I must admit that I do miss the Christmas ads from a few months ago.

Till Later!

February 21, 1950 - Meal Planning 1950's Style

I take the job of cook in my home very seriously.  I may not be the best at getting the breakfast out on the table on time but there is a delicious dinner waiting for hubby when he gets home from work every single night. (Except for Friday's, that is my night off because I work a very long day that day.)

This is a typical week for our family:

Breakfast:  Eggs, Sausage, Toast, Fruit and Coffee sometimes a muffin or Danish on the side.  Sunday breakfasts are always larger than the rest of the week and eaten a bit later, between 8:30 and 10:00 depending on if we had plans to go out that day.
Lunch:  Bowl of hearty chicken soup and some crackers or a roll
Dinner:   Beef Chuck roast, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary, brussel sprouts with butter and parmesan cheese and chocolate mousse.  This is the only night of the week that we have dessert unless it is a special occasion.

Breakfast:  Cereal, fruit and coffee
Lunch:  Leftover beef sandwich,fruit and snap peas
Dinner:  Chicken Casserole

Breakfast:  Oatmeal, fruit and coffee
Lunch:  Bowl of soup and roll
Dinner:  Homemade beef pot pie made with the last of the leftovers from Sunday night.

Breakfast:  Cereal, fruit and coffee
Lunch:  Sandwich and cup of vegetable based soup
Dinner: Maryland style fried chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus with dinner rolls

Breakfast:  French Toast, fruit and coffee only one slice each
Lunch:  Leftover fried chicken
Dinner:  Meatloaf, baked potatoes, peas and carrots

Breakfast:   Oatmeal, fruit and coffee
Lunch:   Egg salad sandwich, celery sticks with dip and apple slices
Dinner:  Take-out

Breakfast:  Out for shopping day
Lunch:   Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Dinner:  Leftovers if there are any, otherwise it's burgers or fishsticks, something easy-ish so that I get a day off too, besides, I make up for it on Sunday!

Now this is a totally bare bones basic menu for the week.  under normal circumstances I like to throw in a couple of new recipes each week and do it up nice.  There is nothing better after a hard day at the office than to come home to a beautiful and delicious dinner prepared by the loving hands of your wife.
This is what my planning area looks like as I am sitting down to make out the weeks menu:

Believe it or not, this is only a very small selection of my original fifties cookbooks.  I peruse them to get ideas as I sip my tea and make out my list.  The regular tablet is for the weeks menu and the note pad is for things that I am going to need to get at the market.  Yes I know the pencil is new I just forgot to be completely honest!
Now as far as nutrition is concerned the fifties were not all bacon grease (although it does make a delicious oil for cooking meats in if you use a little of it in place of vegetable oil) and cakes (again I only make dessert once a week and I try to keep it small so that there are no leftovers) they had health guidelines same as we do. 
Take a look at the seven food groups:

I love the way that they break this down for you, there are three categories that  deal with fruits and vegetables.  If you think about it, there are so many different varieties of fruits and vegetables that react with your body differently this was makes a little more sense.  They tell you to get four servings of vegetables nowadays.  Having four servings of peas and corn will not help your body as much as four servings of spinach and green beans.
I'm not perfect, I don't stick to this all the time, but I suppose that it is a good rule of thumb kind of chart.
I hope you all enjoyed my little talk on menu planning, come back soon.

Till Later!


February 20, 1950 - My New Aquisitions Part 4

This is the concluding post of things I've gotten lately.  Thank you for putting up with me over the past couple of days.  I know it's just a bunch of pictures and explanations but I know that I love posts like these on other people's journals.

 As everyone knows it is cold and flu season and what purse is complete without cough drops.  I fill this little baby with new cough drops of course but it will do an amazing job keeping them safe and all in one place instead of having to feel around the bottom of my bag for them.
 Vintage belt buckles.  What is a vintage dress without vintage belt buckles.  The left two are black even though in the picture they look silver.  The other is obviously red.
Aren't they just the cutest sunglasses that you have ever seen.  Ok, they are newly made but done as a replica of an old pair and while I was out at the antiques mall the other day I saw their real antique equivalent and they do look darn close.  I just thought that they were too cute for words.

I have found a lovely way to pass an evening at home, and I bet it's a way that many fifties housewives did, embroidery.  It's not a very hard skill to learn and you can make some very beautiful things with these patterns.  This Vogart Pattern is one for pillowcases and towels that are of a his and hers design.  I thought that they would be cute.  I am actually working on another pattern set at the moment that is dish towels with flowers representing the different days of the week.

Another Vogart pattern that I just bought but this one doesn't have the envelope, but for the price I just couldn't pass it up.  Who wouldn't think it was cut to have an apron that has fun fruit running around on it.
Woman's Day March 1950, as I said in a previous post I need something to read next month and this is it!

I had inherited a beautiful compact from my grandmother in law when she passed away but an unfortunate accident left the mirror inside irreparably shattered so I had to find a replacement and although this one is a little large I do simply love the pearl in the center and all of the gold filigree.

Well that's it, that's what I've collected for the most part over the last two months.  I'm sure there are other little things here and there that I am forgetting but this is the bulk of the stuff,  Thank you for checking it all out and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to write any time.  I must admit I love the correspondence.

Till Later!


Februray 19, 1950 - My New Aquisitions Part 3

I hadn't realized quite how much I had gotten in the past 60 days so this is going to be split into two posts as well.  Please forgive if you think that I am prattling on about all of my things but I am just too proud of them.

 Rose scented Hallmark stationary.  Not that I get very many chances to write letters but I am VERY prepared if the opportunity arises.  And yes it is authentically from the fifties.
 Personal Jello molds.  I actually bought two sets.  This is the one if there is something that needs to be placed in the center.  The other is a sort of a high bishops hat style.  They are quite small.  About 3" across.  Perfect personal Jello molds for desserts and salads.
 The Queen Bee by Edna Lee, the March Book Club selection.  This really was the book that was sent out during March from the Doubleday Dollar book club. 
This is what the club says about it.
"Flatter her, be a slave to her beauty and wanton charm, and she'll adore you.  Cross her, and you'll take the consequences!  Ask her husband, her sister-in-law, her young niece who dared to challenge her for possession of a man!  You've never met a heroine so bewitching - and so dangerous!  The new hit by the author of The Web of Days."
 Pride's Castle by Frank Yerby, the April Book Club Selection.  Yes I like to have my books a bit before I need them.  I just actually started to look into the May selection, more on that in a later post.
Here is what Doubleday says about this one.
"In New York's gilded robber-baron society of the 1870's, you can buy anything for money - even a lover.  And although Esther Stillworth could have almost any man in town, she could not have the man of her choice except at a cash price - $40,000,000!  Frank Yerby's most unusual and dramatic love story!"
 It hasn't even come in the mail yet and it is one of my prized possessions.  I saw one like this in one of the many videos that I have based on the fifties and just fell in love.  I paid a little more for this than I would really want to but I just couldn't resist.  Who wouldn't love to have an authentic Lucite and flowers egg timer as one of the most beautiful finishing touches on any retro kitchen.  Now my kitchen is primarily blue but I love pink and since it is just a small accent piece I don't think that it will throw my decor into upheaval.
It's nearly March and since it's 1950 I have to have a couple of things to read.  Here is one of them!  I love readers digest, there is a little bit of everything inside it's pages.  I have several magazines from March but none from the exact year 1950, other years are ok for research but for recreation I'm trying to stay authentic.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the Ebay updates!

Till Later!


February 18, 1950 - My New Aquisitions Part 2

I would like to start by saying happy birthday to my mother who left me almost seven years ago, she would have been 54 years old today.
Now back to all the wonderful new things that I have added to my life.

 Popular Club Plan, I actually found two very similar catalogs.  From the research that I did, they seem to be sort of across between fingerhut and avon.  What you did was order things from the catalog and you could pay it off over the next year.  If you were able to get friends to order with you they would give you a certain amount of money for free.  This one is the more easily found ones fall/winter 1954.

  This is the other catalog that I acquired.  However even though this says that it was established in 1925 I can find nothing about it other than an add from a fifties newspaper.  The pictures inside are just beautiful.

 Reader's Digest Spring 1954 Selections.  I have learned that most of what couples did in their spare time in the evenings was not watch TV like it is today, but they would read together in the same room.  I am creating quite a library of books to choose from and this adds to it.   

 Here is another wonderful cookbook, since it is just the hubby and I it is fun to have a few of these Cookbooks to hold on to.
An adorable side note is that this book came from a local high school.  In fact you can still see where the library plate once was.
 I am the hugest fan of of fifties kitchen gadgets.  This one just blew me away.  This tools sole purpose is to turn vegetables and fruits into roses.  It's a huge screw that is connected to a dual blade, you put your finger in the hole and twist your way to a veggie flowers!
 A united states map from the mid-fifties that includes the new interstate highway system.  I thought that this would be fun to keep in the car.
I have seen these on e-bay for five times what I paid for it.  It has all of the pieces and are in beautiful condition.  There is a tiny crack in the avocado colored one but the hubby said that he is going to get an epoxy resin that seals and then dries into a perfect clear plastic.

May 1954 issue of Household magazine.  I only have a couple of issues of household so I am happy to get this.  I love any magazine that speaks of how to run a better 1950's home.  Look at that kitchen, isn't it just enough to make you simply giddy.  The colors, the use of space and the wallpaper on the ceiling, wow.  I never would have thought to do that.

Tomorrow I am going to show you a few of the things that I have gotten from the world wide garage sale [ebay].

Till Later!


February 17, 1950 - My Newest Aquisitions

Now I must admit that I am consistently adding to my fifties lifestyle, but every once in a while I go a little crazy on a shopping spree and this week I did just that.  The hubby and I went to my all-time favorite antiques mall and I made what I can only call a killing and over the past week I have made a few very shrewd deals on the world wide garage sale [ebay] that I am quite proud of as well, so over the next three posts I am going to share with you the new things that I bought.  Please excuse the photography, I am not a professional, I am just a lowly housewife with an old camera.

 For starters there are four packages of vintage fill-able Easter eggs.  What is Easter without these little beauties and believe it or not I paid less for each package of them then they are new now.  I'm very proud.
 Although we have decided that we are going on vacation to New York State this year, we are not going to New York City, however we do find ourselves there from time to time and I would love to see how many things from this little guide book still apply.  It dates from 1955 and is complete with it's pull out map.  (The previous owner pulled it out of the spine, not I.)
 I'm aware that I need another cookbook like I need a hole in the head but there were several that I simply couldn't pass up.  This particular one continues my collection from the Culinary Institute.  I must have at least 20 books from this set already, ranging in dates from 1944 to 1956.  They are wonderful even if the recipes do repeat from time to time.
 This one is more for hubby than it is for me.  I have wanted to get a Barbeque cookbook for quite some time and this little wonder was only $1 so I couldn't resist.  Some of the recipes look amazing.
 I would love to learn how to play bridge, this in fact is supposed to teach you while making it fun.  I'm wishing for the best.
January 1956 issue of Family Circle.  Every time that I go to this place there are new magazines to scoop up!  Trust me I buy them all!

Check back tomorrow for even more wonderful additions to my collection.

Till Later!


February 16, 1950 - Just a Few Pretty Dresses

Here are just a few pretty dresses that I like to help you get a bit of a fifties fashion fix for the day.


February 14, 1950 - Happy Valentine's Day

I must apologize for my extended hiatus, but I must admit that I have been living very happily in a 1950's bubble that I have created for myself.  I spend my days off cleaning, cooking, sewing and generally being as good of a housewife as I can be.  The only reason that I have the time to do this right now is because I unfortunately injured myself quite badly while lifting my retro vacuum cleaner, I pulled the muscles in my chest and it is extremely painful.  This means that I have to take it easy for the next couple of weeks so I can't spend quite so much time cleaning.
I spend my monday and thursday morning getting materials for my life you know shopping with my weekly allowance and collecting entertainment such as radio shows, television shows, movies and music through various mediums such as the internet archive.  Tuesday is sewing day and since I have so many problems with my sewing I have decided to take an entirely different route.  I find beautiful shirt patterns that I like in my size and then just add a skirt.  Probably the best idea that I've ever had.  In fact I mail ordered one the other day and it should be arriving today.
There is one nice thing that I still take advantage of in the modern world and that is the world of EBay.  If it were not for this worldwide garage sale I would not have nearly the amount of things that I do.  In fact I am giving my husband an authentic early fifties Valentine's Day card.  I also have an anniversary card and several others that are all unused so that I can use them myself.  I also have original scented stationary so if I ever need to send a letter I am ready to go.
In another few years of collecting there is a chance that I will not have to rely on anything modern.  How wonderful would that be.
For our Valentine's dinner tonight I am making something very special.  Surf and turf of Beef tenderloin seared with a Parmesan and cracked pepper with Shrimp Scampi, broccoli with bacon and mashed potatoes with a beautiful cake, homemade of course with cherries beautiful.  Pictures coming I promise.
I suppose that I must get back to life now, today is my shopping/gathering day so I want to get a couple more things before I have to start the rest of dinner, including wrap the hubby's Valentine's Day gift.

Till Later!