January 21, 1950 - Today's Pattern (day of sewing)

Good morning,

   Today has started out as a lovely, albeit freezing day.  I was lucky enough to have finished all of my housework yesterday so there is very little to do today.  After my breakfast of oatmeal and tangerine I am going to sit around and watch some shows on the television and spend the bulk of my day sewing.  I would really like to get two skirts finished today.  The first one is nearly finished, all I have to do is sewing the waist up and the pockets placed.  The other isn't even started yet but I think that I am going to make it rather simple.  Just your regular old run of the mill house skirt.  I'm not quite at doing something really complicated just yet.
Every morning I try to read the local 1950 paper that is so wonderfully available on google.  Within the pages there is a section called 'Woman's Page' which is a wonderful addition to any newspaper, I think that it's something that would be good in modern newspaper.  They have the engagement announcements, all of the news on the ladies clubs and the like as well as beauty advice and mail forms for a pattern for sewing and another for some type of needlework.  Today's were for a sweet dress with matching apron and the other is for doilies for your chair.  These would unfortunately never work in my living room because I have leather couches, however in the basement room we have a chair they might work on and in the den that we are fixing up there are two recliners that they may work on.
Tonight for dinner we will be having pot roast with carrots and potatoes, one of the hubby's favorite meals.  It's not too terrible when you think that I only paid $4.50 for a nearly 2 lb chuck roast.  This price being the equivalent of $0.47 in 1950.  Not too shabby.  It will make a wonderful dinner and the hubby can have the leftovers to take to work with him tomorrow for lunch.  So here I am off on my day having a good time adding to my wardrobe.

Till Later!


January 12, 1950 - Inflation

As I have mentioned before I often read an old newspaper that is available on google, in this there is often ads for grocery stores such as this one from White House Super Market.

 This got me to thinking about the inflation rates and how these prices match up to the prices available at the local grocery stores today. 
The first thing that I did was look at just what the rate of conversion is from 1950 to 2012 which by the way for those of you whom are curious every $1.00 from 1950 it is $9.55 in 2012.  From the bureau of labor and statistics. If you break out your trusty handy dandy calculator you will see that for example a dozen eggs were $0.45 which would make it $4.29 by today's standard which is far above the $1.49 that I usually pay. but in the opposite direction potatoes and oranges are way more expensive then they were back then.  I have learned however that most things are pretty dead on. 
Just thought that this was a good quick little tidbit of info to make your day.

Till Later!


January 7, 1950 - Recipe Club for January and Fashion Thoughts

Today at noon I will sit down and plan out my meals for the month at the recipe club maybe tonight I will share some of the recipes that I will be making.  I have decided on a pile of cookbooks that I will be using throughout this year including a recipe book that has meals for every holiday that you can think of.
One thing that has of course been on my mind is fashion.  Since this year I am full throttle, fashion and all into my project I have been collecting images from all over to inspire my new wardrobe.  Here are a few beautiful examples of what I hope to be in my future.

I know that this is a long shot that I'm going to look good in all of these but hey, with hubby and I are taking off a few pounds.  So far since the new year I've lost 3 pounds already, without even really trying.  Maybe I'll look nice in these yet.  I've got a whole lot on my plate today so I'm going to have to make this short, please forgive.

Till Later!


January 5, 1950 - A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

Today is going to be a very nice afternoon.  Unfortunately, we have no pet groomers near my home so to take little Harvey for a much needed haircut we have to travel 32 miles.  Now I don't live in a little town, I live in a city, however, for some reason we don't have any groomers.  In doing so hubby and I will be going out to lunch after we drop him off and I would also like to get a set of earphones so that while hubby is watching newer things on the television I can listen to one of my hundreds of radio shows or watch one of my dozens of shows without interrupting him.
I will also be looking for embroidery floss as well to start work on my first embroidery project.  So we are off in our little car to a neighbor town for a wonderful day out. 

Till Later!


January 3, 1950 - Trousseau

BASIC LIST (What I have is in Italics)
Kitchen Equipment
4 pairing knives/I have 1
1 kitchen carving knife and fork/got it
1 canister set/got it
set of mixing bowls/got it
measuring spoons/I actually have 3 sets, 2 plastic and 1 metal
measuring glasses/ I only have measuring cups, 1 is two cups and the other is 4
kitchen scales/I have a small one
1 bed tray/got it
1 serving tray
4 pot holders/I have 2
6 kitchen aprons/I have 2 if you count the one I made and the one that hubby got me from carnation
bread box/got it
broom and dustpan/got it
dry mop/got it
flour sifter
rolling pin/got it
ladle/got it
funnel/got it
meat grinder
cooking spoons/got it
jelly mold
vegetable parer/I have 3, 2 vintage and 1 modern
kitchen teapot/I have a mini teapot 16 oz
folding steps
2 sets covered icebox dishes
bread knife
apple corer/got it
colander/got it
casserole/got it
wet mop/got it
carpet sweeper/got it
step on garbage can/got it
kitchen stool
sieve/got it
frying pans large and small/got it
griddle/got it
covered kettle
tea kettle/got it
custard cups
electric mixer/got it
waffle iron
muffin tins/I have 1 set of mediums
cake tins/got it
egg beater
electric blender/got it
toaster/got it
cookie sheet/got 3
large and small pitchers/I have several large
bread board
can and bottle openers/got both
chopping bowls large and small
spice sets/I have enough spices to fill a three shelf cabinet
grater/got it
coffee maker/I have several including a vintage percolator
paper towel holder/got it


January 2, 1950 - Trousseau

BASIC LIST (What I have is in Italics)
2 sets of sheets for each bed/2 sheet sets, we only have one bed, however they are not embroidered but someday will be
2 blankets for each bed/1 blanket
1 quilt for each bed/we have a quilt but never put it on the bed, it doesn't match
4 pillowcases for each bed/same as above, we have four cases but not embroidered
1 bedspread for each bed/we have a bed skirt if that's what they mean
6 bath towels for each bathroom/we have 2 towels
6 matching face towels for each bathroom
6 matching face cloths for each bathroom/we have a couple from my husbands grandmother
1 shower curtain for each bathroom/ we have glass doors and a decorative shower curtain on the outside of that
6 matching guest towels (hand towels) for each bathroom/we have two but they have not been put up yet
12 kitchen towels/I have 4 I think but plans as I have mentioned before to make more with my vogart pattern
12 glass towels
1 bathmat/1 bathmat
1 linen table cloth
12 linen dinner napkins, 12-14" x 12-14"
3 luncheon table cloths
6 matching napkins for each luncheon table cloth, 8" x 8"
2 tray cloths
2 tray sets
12 cocktail napkins, 5" x 5"
3 sets table mats/I have 1 set that is always in use on the kitchen table
1 quilted mattress cover for each bed/with modern bed sets they are already attached


January 1, 1950 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my marvelous and faithful readers.  I hope you all know how wonderful it is to come here as often as I can and share my ideas and opinions with all of you.  One of my New Years resolutions is to write a little more often.  I have let this little diary go far too many times because of one ridiculous reason or another and I would like that to stop.  Another thing is to really get my sewing going.

I am going to try a new sort of format, well an old sort of format in a new way.  This is my monthly schedule.  I will be writing about these events on these days.  I have worked with this format for quite some time in my personal life but always felt too embarrassed to write about it.  Now on the nights where it says Men's Association and the nights where it says Men's Bowling League my husband is left to his own devices for a couple of hours, 7-9 or so.  During recipe club I make out the menu and new recipes that I would like to try.  Bridge club I play with a program, not very vintage but I don't know anyone that can play.
 Movie nights are things that would have been in the theater at the time, the book club book is picked based on books from the 50s in general.  The dances are themed every month.  I get dressed for a party and well you get the idea.  It's the only way to really feel connected to the time.  As I said before I also read the daily newspaper the Reading Eagle and Weekly issues of Time Magazine.  Thanks to modern technology I am able to live in the past.  I have hundreds of hours of radio shows, television shows and movies.

I hope everyone understands my new, albeit little more selfish way of doing my blog but I believe that I can get so much more done thing way.