November 23, 1950 - Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I was away at my mother-in-laws for the holiday.  We were blessed enough to be with family in the country for the holiday.  The only thing that was missing was the cranberry sauce.  Everyone forgot about it until we sat down.
Since Thanksgiving is over it is now time to think about Christmas.  Most of our decorating is already done thanks to the persistence of my husband who was determined to get it done last weekend, since today I must suffer through a dentists appointment.  Today however, we will be putting the ornaments on the tree.  I am not one of those people that participates in the mass confusion that is Black Friday shopping, I am actually nearly done with my Christmas shopping.  This year I'm also making a gift for everyone, I am very proud of it but I will not mention what it is here so that if any of my family members happen upon this I don't want them to know what I'm making them.  I also when a little more practical with the gifts for the hubby.  Things that he could really use. Thing that he would probably never buy for himself unless the ones that he had are completely unusable.
I also got a couple of fun things for him too.  We don't have any children, so really the only people that we really need to buy for is each other.  Little things for the in-laws and friends but definitely mainly just each other.  I can't wait for my real vintage Christmas to begin.

Till Later!

November 16, 1950 - A Little Thing I Noticed

I have been searching lately for some new jewelry using the 1952 Sears Christmas Catalog and the worldwide garage sale [ebay].  Now when I was about 6 years old in the eighties I was like nearly every other little girl and I got my ears pierced
Since I have started looking for earrings I have noticed that much more often then not earrings were of the clip-on nature.  Now, when I was young and played with my Grandmother's jewelry I came to the knowledge that clip on earrings hurt, bad, especially on pierced ears.
There have only been a few reasonably priced pairs that I was even willing to try for.  One being a set that I won that are pictured to the right, they are very sweet and small.  Keep in mind that I am trying to find more day to day earrings, not so much the very nice ones to wear out, I have some of those.  On a day to day basis I have worn my pearl studs everyday.  However, like every women that is getting a little old and I would like to mix it up a bit.  I have a couple more pairs that I am trying to get but we will see if I am out bit.

Till Later!


November 10,1950 - My Research Findings

I'm always on the lookout for ways to have authentic news material from the era and let me tell you readable newspapers are very hard to come by.  The 1800's are actually easier to find then anything from the fifties. 
However, recently I found two wonderful things on Google.  I try not to spend to much time on the internet but in the morning and late in the evening I like to read while the hubby watches the tube.  This is the closest way that I can stay in my little world and he can watch just what he wants to watch and we can still be together.
Now for what I found on Google, they have archives of both old issues all throughout the fifties for Life Magazine and the other thing is I found a link to the newspaper archives for the Reading Eagle which is the closest to my hometown that I have ever found.  I have been to Reading many, many times, especially to see the Reading Phillies with hubby.  It's only an hour or so from my house.  I know that sounds pretty far away but really it isn't to this point I used papers from places I had never even heard of.
I couldn't be happier to find something like this.  I know it means a little more time on the computer but hey that means I get real semi-local news. 

Till Later!


November 9, 1950 - New Aquisitions

Christmas is always a bad time for me to gain anything new for my fifties collection.  My husband is a great Christmas shopper so I always end up scrambling to keep up with him volume wise with gifts.  Every year I end up opening presents for at least a half an hour after he is done.  This year however I'm doing pretty good getting him some pretty nifty and practical things.

On the bright side there was a deal on 'the department store' that I simply couldn't pass up.  There was a January & September 1950 issue of Cosmopolitan.  I have one other issue of Cosmo but usually they are very expensive.  However, this little collection wasn't even fifteen dollars for the two.
On another note, last night I made the hubby liver and onions something that I understand that this is something that was a staple of the fifties diet.  Personally I cannot stomach the stuff so I had leftover roast and the same sides.  It was a delicious dinner anyway.  I also made Cornflake Macaroons where I only made half the recipe and although they were difficult to get off the pan even when cool, they were some of the most delicious cookies that I have ever had.

1 egg white
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 cup cornflakes
1/2 cup coconut
1/4 cup walnut pieces

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Beat egg white until stiff, slowly beat in sugar.  Fold in the rest of the ingredients.  Drop in rounded teaspoons onto a greased cookie sheet and bake for 10 - 15 minutes until lightly golden brown. 

Make sure not to try and remove them from the cookie sheet until they are good and cool because they will fall apart.  I know this from experience.  Also watch them closely, due to all of the sugars they burn easily, I left them in for 12 minutes without looking and although they were still delicious they were burned around the edges.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, I will be starting to decorate for Christmas and doing some more Christmas shopping.  I know that a lot of you may think that I am jumping the gun but this year I decided to stop fighting the fact that the Christmas season just starts on November 1.  In fact I went to K-Mart a couple of weeks ago and they had the Christmas Trees up right in front of the Halloween decorations and costumes.  There is just something weird about pretty Christmas Trees in front of fake blood and skeletons.

Till Later!


November 4, 1950 - Sorry for the Absence

I must apologize for my long absence from blogging, honestly I have no excuse other than just getting caught up in life.
I have been thinking quite a bit lately about a topic that I have touched on more than once.  It is very frustrating when I attempt to do something that was simply old hat for ladies from the fifties but for me just seems like something that I simply can't get the hang of.  For example, sewing.  I have such a hard time making clothes for myself that fit.  Nearly everything that I have made since the beginning of my project has had to be pulled apart in one form or another and reassembled so that it fit properly. 
After weeks of working on a skirt for the fair I ended up making it nearly a foot shorter than I wanted it to be because of some hemming issues.  Also, my Halloween skirt that I self-drafted (although wearable the first time) had to be re-done because of issues with the drastic difference in the length of the alternating panels.  If these were skills that were taught to me from being a little girl this may not be as difficult of a task as it is right now.
It has taken me years and years to gather the cooking skills that I now have.  There was nothing in my life that I have ever worked harder at.  There were so many terms to learn and techniques that had to be practiced that to this day I don't know them all and I consider myself to be a pretty good cook, however, if I was let to help around the kitchen in childhood this might not have taken quite as long to master.  So I must say that I encourage all of you women with little girls, that even if she is reluctant, take her into the kitchen and teach her what it takes to provide a nutritious and delicious meal for her family. 
On the same token, if you decide that it would be a good idea to start making your own clothes, or even learning to sew, include your little girl in your venture, just think of all of the self confidence she will have when she is walking around at school in a shirt that is not only completely original and no one else will have it, but she also made it herself.
Sorry, don't mean for my first post back to be a diatribe, this is just something that grinds my gears.

PS What do you think of the second one down in the right with this material:

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