September 17, 1950 - Material Galore and The Last Cookout

Well the weather here in Pennsylvania is starting to slowly turn to fall and here I am with the fence around my property finally done. I am going to use tonight as the final opportunity to grill our dinner. I'll be making Grilled Ribs, Grilled Asparagus coated in bacon fat and corn bread with berries and cream for dessert. One final chance to eat dinner in the back yard before the weather gets the best of me. I will also be grilling some burgers to use whats left of some hamburger in the fridge, but I will be using that for lunches for the rest of the week.
As for the material that I bought over, well two shopping trips now and unfortunately have not had much time to touch yet. Here it is in all it's glory.

 For starters a white muslin for blouses to wear with the many skirts that I am making.  I got nearly six yards which will make three shirts or so. 
Black broadcloth which will be used to make a belt, a skirt along with another material and embellishments on a few outfits.
Brown broadcloth for a utility skirt.  I look forward to having a few, sort of house skirts for all occasions that involve just being home.
Navy broadcloth for the same reason as above, this one however I have a pattern in mind and can't wait to try out one of those Lutterloh patterns.
Pink Gingham, who wouldn't want a skirt made out of this to go to the fair in.  We have our state fair coming up in just a couple of weeks so I can't wait to make this one and wear it there.
Wonderful material for a fall skirt, at first I thought that this wasn't very fifties in it's styling but when I was looking up 1950's fall fashions I saw one very close to this and can't wait to show it off.
Candy Corn Cotton, well tis the season for some candy corn and although this is not a very fifties material I couldn't resist, so I will be playing it down a bit by making it into a peek-a-boo skirt with the black broadcloth, this will be great to take trick or treaters.
Christmas is closer then some of us realize and with that comes the occasion to wear Christmas garb and I am no exception and although I already have a skirt from last year a girl cannot have too many.  I may even make a dress for Christmas Day either this year or next.
I thought that this floral just screamed to be made into a billowy skirt.  I have enough material to make it quite flow-y and look forward to doing so.
Shirt-Dress here I come, I already have the pattern all picked out and can't wait to get started.  I thought this one could make a nice shopping dress with a black sweater.
Red silk brocade, Although this one was a little above what I normally pay when I go to the fabric store I couldn't resist the opportunity to make something gorgeous with this material.  Normally I would never be caught dead wearing red but, hey you only live once and it will be Valentine's Day before you know it.
Silk white lace remnant, I got this for an incredible bargain, which it what it is all about.  I think that I a going to try and make sleeves for one of my blouses out of it.  I think it will be pretty.  Perhaps use the rest to make a hair handkerchief.

So that's all of it and I am about to go get started, if you want to follow me just check out 2 hours a day above.

Till Later!


September 2, 1950 - Another Day of Shopping

Yesterday was our weekly shopping trip, however we went out of town for this one and I was able to stop at the only fabric store in a 50 mile radius. I bought tons of fabric and plan to work on my 2 hours a day wardrobe. I bought some fall colors as well as a few materials that will work for some occasions coming up. I also invested in some new jewelry that will be pretty and subtle. I just can't wait to show off my new look. Now all I need is to figure out how to make stockings. Till Later! Andrea