October 19, 1952 - I Have Not Dissappeared

Good afternoon,
I apologize for the lack of updates in the past month however I have been very busy putting together my new perfect little home. My entire life has become all about home inprovement. Although I have been trying to stay true to my way of life that is something that is most difficult. We have not been able to cook in our own home yet because of the missing countertops and kitchen sink. Most meals have been with family or at local restaurants. Wehave tried very hard to keep fast food to a minimum however that is unavoidable when you are on a tight budget.
I have so many ideas and so little patience to pull them off. What is a girl to do? The first job is to tackle the painting, which we have done quite a lot of that and can't wait to be over. I am going to leave this one short but I promise to update again really soon.