June 29, 1952 - Lowered Expectations

I read something the other day on a blog that I frequent during my research and it was something that really resonated with a subject that I feel quite passionate about.  She was talking about how in fifties magazines they gave you a short description of a project and how to do it, as well as a picture of the finished project.  They honestly expected you to know what you were doing because you were taught the basics by your mother or in school.  They thought that they could just give you the bare minimum of information and you would be able to figure it out for yourself.
People were taught the basics of sewing and cooking by there mothers so they should have no problem throwing together a plain white blouse to add some screen printing too.  They could do this without being told 'go to your local fabric store, pick up blouse fabric, pick out pattern, pin pattern to fabric, sew together blouse, add buttons and then begin screen printing process.'  They just told you to make a plain blouse and then make it beautiful with screen printed designs, followed by about three sentences about how to screen print.  They could fit about ten different projects on each page.  How wonderful is that.  You can get about thirty different project completed every month if you knew the basics first.
This brings me back to a very sensitive subject with me.  The fact that no one is taught the basics anymore.  As I have said before I was leagues ahead of my fellow students in home ec because they expected so little of us.  Who with even the lowest IQ couldn't figure out how to sew a pillow or a pair of boxers?  I won't even get started on the fact that after two years of home economics that we still hadn't even touched a pot.  Would you believe that they thought that someone would get hurt.  Seriously, if this is really a problem I think that there are a lot of kids that should be placed in a little padded room so that they don't hurt themselves in regular life.
They run a much bigger risk of hurting themselves cooking at home when they have no basic knowledge and let's face it, no parental supervision.  I believe that more emphasis should be put on home and future personal care and development than on who can make the team sport.  But that is only my lowly opinion.  How far is little Johnny going to get in life if he can't balance a checkbook or he spends all of his money on new clothes because he doesn't know how to sew the button on one of his cheaply constructed, made in china pair of pants.
I think that the expectations should still exist.  We just need to step up and find a way to teach the foundations.
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June 28, 1952 - Some New Additions

As you all know, entertainment is a very valuable tool in making yourself feel much more "in the era".  I have tons of music and movies at my disposal.  As I'm sure many of you know there is a site called Hulu that nearly always has a slew of old films at your fingertips, as well as some I've had in my own video collection.  I also have a few seasons of some classic television, such as I Love Lucy and Amos & Andy.  YouTube has also been very helpful in that regard.  However, I am always on the lookout for new movies and suck to add to my collection and this weekend I got my wish.  I acquired several new movies and now I can't wait for Tuesday nights. (Movie night for those of you whom don't remember.)
The ones that I received are:

Law & Order: Ronald Reagan, Dorothy Malone; A western about a sheriff that quits over an attempted lynching and tries to settle down with his girl on a ranch.

The Lavender Hill Mob:  Alec Guinness, Stanley Holloway, Audrey Hepburn; A group steals gold and gets it out of the country by disguising it at miniature Eiffel Towers.

Love In the Afternoon:  Gary Cooper, Audrey Hepburn;  A private detective is trying to entrap a man with the wife of one of his clients.

On another subject last night I had a bit of a sweet tooth and I don't want to make anything too big.  I am trying to stick to my diet, so I picked up my General Foods cookbook and found the perfect recipe for home made chocolate sauce. 

Hot Fudge
2 squares of unsweetened chocolate
6 tbs water
1/2 cup sugar
Dash of salt
3 tbs butter
1/4 tsp vanilla

Combine chocolate and water in saucepan and place over low heat stirring until blended.  Add sugar and salt.  Cook until sugar is dissolved and mixture very slightly thickened. stirring constantly.  Add butter and vanilla.
I let this cool quite a bit and used some to make a very yummy and rich glass of chocolate milk.

I am off to do some more research, I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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June 24, 1952 - Getting Back to the Swing of Things

It's a new season.  Summer is here and I couldn't be in a better mood.  It turns out that when hubby-to-be and I get married they are actually going to be giving us a larger apartment so it will be just like moving into our first home together instead of just him moving into my apartment. 
I have been thinking a lot about fifties weddings recently and really it seams that most of them were pretty small and just a family event.  Even his Grandmother who was to say the least a gorgeous and spoiled 50's bride, had a very small and intimate wedding.  Of course there were exceptions, just as there are now.  I can't believe what some women go through for that over-the-top wedding that they see on those shows 'Bridezilla's' and 'Say Yes to the Dress'.  The money they spend on that alone would put a nice down-payment on a house.  People in today's society really have their priorities messed up.
Why can't people be happy to live within their means.  Have  small intimate wedding and a nice home with furniture, instead of going into your first year of marriage in debt.  My fiance and I decided long ago that we were going to pay for everything in cash.  This meant that it was going to have to be relatively tiny in comparison to most weddings, however, we wouldn't have any past due bills hanging over our heads.
Honestly, I'm not even getting a dream wedding dress because financially, with one of us fresh out of college and the other working part-time at a grocery store it just isn't financially plausible to drop a couple hundred dollars on a dress that realistically I will wear once.
I still dream of my dress, the only difference is now I'm going to make it in pink and have it as a special occasion, or perhaps even Easter dress.  I think that we should take back all of those situations that you used to dress up for.  I still accompany his Grandmother to church on holidays even though I don't go myself.  Why shouldn't I leave the house on every occasion feeling good about myself and the way that I look.  I can't imagine how it would feel to walk outside all of the time looking like a slob in pajama pants and a stained T-shirt or, as I saw the other day.  There was a woman that was wearing a shirt that I own as a dress.  The length goes just past your bottom.  This was not made to be a dress and left absolutely nothing to the imagination.  If she had to bend over for some reason.  There would be quite a show.  If I were the owner of the store I would have thrown her out to be honest.
Oh well, time for work.
Till Later!


I Am So Sorry

I know that I have gone MIA for the last month or so.  This was not intended I simply got sidetracked with, well lets just say life got away from me.  But I'm back now so hopefully in the next couple of days I will be able to put up the rest of the cleaning up and clearing out posts and a few things that I read recently as well as some of the recipes that I have tried recently. 
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