November 14, 1952 - It's Coming Along

Good Afternoon,
     As I have mentioned many times before I am currently working on making my brand new 1096 sq ft house into a comfortable home for my new hubby and myself.  We are slowly getting through all of the major home improvements that needed to be done to make it completely livable.  One major thing is left unfinished and by no fault of our own.
     In early October we decided to cancel our order for new counter tops from a large chain store.  I was very unhappy with the customer service that we were receiving and instead are going through a small local company.  However I must admit that this is going just as well.  They are giving us a slightly better deal (they are also putting in a new back door and replacing two windows for the same cost as what the chain was charging us just for the counter tops) however their costumer service skills are again lacking.  They were supposed to begin making the template on Friday.  You see I am off work Friday's so I could let them in and tell them exactly what we are looking for.  Well at around 2:30 in the afternoon I still hadn't heard anything so I called the Kitchen Company and they told me in not so many words that he wasn't coming.  Now don't you think they could have had the decency to call me a little earlier and tell me this.  Perhaps then I could have gone out shopping or to visit with my Grandmother-in-Law down the street instead of being cooped up in the house for what was probably going to be the last nice day of the year.  That really got my craw.
     Well enough of that!  I am more set in my decision about my new lifestyle than I have ever been in my life.  It is not very easy to stay in a retro frame of mind when you are withstanding a constant barrage of current news and media not only at work but by your own husband.
     I have been cleaner, more organized and just plain happier since I have adopted my new way of life.  I would recommend that anyone take on their own project of self-improvement, mine has brought me to the 1950's let yours take you where it may.  I have learned two major things while taking on this challenge.  One is that you can take anything that you don't like about yourself and change it as long as you work hard enough.  The second is that the human body and spirit is very adaptable.  You can learn a new skill, take on new challenges and reach for new heights as long as you aren't afraid to try.  The me last year would have told you that I could never go for a month without the microwave.  Here I am nearly a full year has gone by without a single use.
     As for next year, not that I am starting my New Year's resolution list quite yet but I will say that I am going to focus more on my new wardrobe.  I had such hope to have an entirely new wardrobe by the end of the year and here we are in mid-November with only two skirts, a petticoat and a dress to speak of.  Sometimes life (and buying a new home as well as getting married) gets in the way.  I was thinking of even perhaps taking in the sew weekly challenge.  This means making a whole outfit or dress every week.  I think that as long as I stick to discount fabrics I can make my new wardrobe more of a reality in 1953.

Till Later!