September 29, 1951 - Starting Over

I must admit that I have tried and failed at starting this blog it must be half a dozen times now. I never quite know how to begin or what to say. I have a very serious regard for the 1950's. The people, the history, the style, music & movies to me seemed like the epitome of the way that life should be.
Taking into account the good and the bad of the era I often wondered what it would be like to step back in time to a somewhat forgotten era and see how it felt to walk a mile in their shoes. I was born three decades after the fifties began so I obviously have no memory of the life and times. My mother was born in the last year of the fifties so she would have had no recollection of them either. (I was born in 81 and my earliest memories are of the mid eighties.)
Research has become my friend. I have spent countless hours on the computer reading about the era, old newspapers, blogs and news sources are the closest that I can get to the real thing, but I want that to change. I want to make it so that I am living in the 1950's. Playing the let's see where it takes me game. I have been reading another woman's blog for several months now and she is my inspiration for this project. She threw herself in feet first to going back to 1955 and I want to take a cue from her. However, since I am starting in the middle of the year, I am going to work on 1954 until the new year.
The rules that I am setting up for myself are pretty simple. No more eating out, other than holidays or the occasional diner. This means no more Mickey D's and the like. Where possible things get cooked from scratch. In fact I believe that I am going to make a home made apple dumpling with dinner tonight. Cooking for yourself when most recipes even back in the 50's were made for at least 4 people proves to be tricky more often than not.

* * * * * *
I was disrupted halfway through my writing with a call that made me leave to go to work. My day was quick and I came back at three o'clock ruining my lovely day of research and cooking. However, I still got my chance to make my apple dumplings that are currently cooling near the stove. I can't wait to dig in. The night is going to be spent in front of the TV with Teenage Zombies and The Crawling Eye, both 50's drive-in classics.
I hope everyone has a lovely evening.